Image for <strong>Stockholm</strong> – #MyCityNeeds affordable housing

Stockholm – #MyCityNeeds affordable housing

“Stockholm is growing fast, and it is a challenge to handle this growth in a sustainable way, in all aspects. Due to high land prices and how development is handled, many other areas in Stockholm have mainly addressed high earners, and very little affordable housing have been built. This is something we hope to address in Nacka. ”

— Gustaf Rosell, Stockholm

Image for <strong>Mandalay</strong> – #MyCityNeeds collective action

Mandalay – #MyCityNeeds collective action

“For Mandalay City to be resilient, it needs to ensure the safety of the people, protect economic investments and development gains (particularly from earthquake risk), and ensure that the city has efficient and effective basics.”

— HE U Aung Moung, Mandalay

Image for <strong>Athens</strong> – #MyCityNeeds more trees

Athens – #MyCityNeeds more trees

“We need to act now for our population of nearly 5 million to be resilient. We need trees to be planted to the three mountains around Athens as well as an abandoned area of the old area to be made into a park that will increase oxygen. The impact of this project will be enormous for the health of inhabitants as well as visitors to Athens. ”

— George Intzidis, Athens

Image for <strong>Cape Town</strong> – #MyCityNeeds functional wetlands

Cape Town – #MyCityNeeds functional wetlands

“Cape Town needs functional wetlands and rivers to be resilient. Ecologically successful wetland and river restoration creates hydrological, geomorphological, and ecological conditions that allow the restored wetland and river to be resilient self-sustainable systems that have the capacity for recovery from rapid change and stress.”

— Francine Becker, Cape Town

Image for <strong>Los Angeles</strong> – #MyCityNeeds solar infrastructure

Los Angeles – #MyCityNeeds solar infrastructure

“We need better public transportation to handle the increasing popularity of our city. We need solar infrastructure to take advantage of the 300 days of sunshine. We need bicycle lanes that are safe from traffic to encourage the growing biking culture. And we need to continue to plant trees to improve our city's air, climate, and beauty. ”

— Francine Adkins, Los Angeles

Image for <strong>Arequipa</strong> – #MyCityNeeds disaster contingency plans

Arequipa – #MyCityNeeds disaster contingency plans

“Existe mucha población que ha construido sus viviendas en proximidades a estos volcanes. En caso de llevarse a cabo una actividad volcanica que va a derivar en un inminente terremoto, aun la ciudad no cuenta con planes de contingencia en zonas rurales y esto traerá consigo un nuevo Tsunami que afectaría nuevamente las ciudades de la costa.”

— José Vela Rondón, Arequipa


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